Selling a Lakeland home is a complex and stressful task. Luckily there are several ways you can find home buyers, they include selling your house on your own (FSBO), selling with a real estate agent and selling directly to a professional home buyer. 

Think about your schedule, experience and available funds along with the pros and cons of each method, to help you choose the option that will serve you best. 

Option 1 – Look for a Lakeland home buyer by selling “For Sale By Owner” 

With commission costing a whopping 6 to 7 percent of the price of the house, selling FSBO is a practical option for homeowners with the cash, time, and unique skills to sell a house on their own.

You will need money to get the home ready to sell. That usually includes cleaning, repairing, and updating the home. You’ll also need to set aside money for marketing costs. 

In addition to the money, you’ll need time to market your house, screen callers, schedule showings, negotiate with buyers and avoid common closing delays

Lastly, you’ll need experience in staging and marketing your house, picking a qualified buyer, preparing the correct sales contract and negotiating with buyers. 

If you lack money, time or experience or need to sell your house fast, then this is not the right option for you. 

Want to try to sell your house on your own? Learn everything you need to know to sell a house FSBO in How to Sell a House by Owner-Ultimate Guide Lakeland, Florida. 

Option 2 – Look for a Lakeland home buyer by selling with an agent 

Selling your home with an agent could be the best choice if you don’t mind paying a 6 to 7 percent commission and you have the money to invest in your house before putting it on the market.

An advantage of listing your house with an agent over selling on your own is that the agent will take care of everything for you.

The agent will recommend the repairs and updates that will give you the highest returns, give you an idea of how much your home is worth, handle all the marketing, negotiate with the buyers and coordinate all inspections and closing.

Unfortunately, similar to selling FSBO the timeline to sell your house with an agent could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months and sometimes even longer. 

If you need to sell your house fast or don’t have the money to spend up-front to clean, repair and declutter your house, this is not a good option for you. 


Option 3 – Sell direct to a professional home buyer

There is no arguing the fact that it is easier and faster to sell your home to a professional home buyer than trying to find a buyer either by listing with an agent or selling on your own.

By selling to a professional home buyer you will avoid having to:

  • Clean or fix the home
  • Stage the home
  • Sign a listing
  • Market the home 
  • Have open houses
  • Deal with a parade of strangers looking at the house
  • Spend days or weeks haggling over the sales price and terms
  • Deal with unreasonable appraisers and home inspectors
  • Wait for a buyer’s mortgage approval 
  • Pay costly commissions and fees

All it takes is a phone call to Lakeland Home Buyers to sell your Lakeland home quickly and without any expenses or headaches. We are local home-buying experts that purchase houses throughout Florida.  

You can sell your house to us for cash in an as-is condition and get a guaranteed fast closing. 

Call us today at 863-372-8937 to schedule a time to talk. There is no obligation whatsoever. We love helping sellers sell their home faster, easier and without fees.