Selling a Lakeland, Florida home the traditional way, with a real estate agent can be very stressful. Real estate companies are very expensive and take months in marketing and selling your home. Even after you accept an offer, there is no guarantee that your buyer will be approved for a mortgage, or that your home will pass a home inspection and appraisal.

If you want to sell your house fast in a secure and convenient way, sell your house to a real estate investor.

  1. Save a bundle on commissions and fees 

Real Estate Commissions are very expensive. They can cost you between 5% and 7% of the sales price of your home. The total costs could add up to 15,000 on the sales price of a typical American home ($223,000).

A real estate investor will never charge you a commission or fee and will even pay for your closing costs.  

  1. Get a super-fast closing 

Unlike a traditional sale, there is no need to hire a real estate agent or sign a long-term listing contract. Real estate agents will try their best to sell your home, but they cannot guarantee that they will be able to find a buyer.

When you sell to a real estate investor, you eliminate the time-consuming process of fixing, staging, listing and marketing your home. 

You could have your money in your bank account in as fast as 7 days. That’s ideal if you need to sell fast because of a divorce, probate, relocation or lost job.

  1. Avoid the frustration of buyers nickel-and-diming me into making repairs

It is not uncommon that a buyer will insist that you make repairs or offer them a monetary concession:

    • When they receive the home inspection report
    • After a pest inspection
    • When they review the appraisal 
    • Depending on your municipality’s ordinance, after a point-of-sale inspection or a lead paint inspection has been completed
    • Even right up to the final walk through inspection. 
  1. Keep my Lakelandhome sale 100% private

You won’t have to deal with the hassle of open houses and endless house showings to a parade of buyers and their agents. Sell your house and keep nosey neighbors out of your business.

  1. Sell my home guaranteed 

If you need to sell because of a difficult circumstance or don’t want to spend time and money on major repairs, working with a real estate investor is the best option. 

They will usually make you an offer at your very first appointment and since they don’t rely on a mortgage approval, home inspection or appraisal, the sale of your home is guaranteed.

You don’t need to do anything on your end. Just coordinate a closing date that is convenient for you. 

Sell your Lakeland house to Lakeland Home Buyers  in 4 easy steps 

If you’re considering selling your State home to a real estate investor, give Lakeland Home Buyers a call. We are experts at buying all types of homes in any condition. 

  1. Contact us 

Call us at 863-372-8937 to schedule a confidential, no obligation meeting. We will ask you some basic questions to get to know you and your property.  

  1. Free in-home consultation

We will meet you at your house at your convenience. This is your opportunity to pick our brain and ask us as many questions as you wish. We will carefully listen to you and analyze your particular circumstance. We will then inspect your home and gather all the important information about your house to prepare the best possible offer. 

  1. Sell your house for top dollar in just one day 

We will present you with a written no-obligation cash offer at our first consultation. Our offer will be clear, in easy-to-understand terms. Depending on your particular circumstance we may present you some other creative financing solution. In any case we will never pressure you into selling your house.

  1. Get your money

Close on your house in as fast as 7 days or at your earliest convenience and get a certified check or wire transfer the same day of your closing. The entire sales process is easy and the funds are guaranteed. 

Call Lakeland Home Buyers  at 863-372-8937 to get the process started. Count on us to understand your needs, provide solutions to your problems and deliver exceptional service. 

For a quick rundown on the 5 Advantages of Selling my House to a Real Estate Investor, see the infographic below.