Selling a Lakeland house is no easy task. Selling a Lakeland house on a busy street poses an even greater challenge. In the eyes of many buyers your home may have a strike against it, even before they visit it. In fact, prospective buyers may enter your house with a negative bias, looking for other problems your home may have in order to cross it from their list.

It’s therefore extremely important to make your home as appealing as possible. Take a good look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. Thoroughly clean your house, repair those things that may be a turnoff to a buyer and add a fresh coat of paint to those rooms that appear drabby. While you’re at it, declutter your house as much as possible to give it a more spacious feeling. 

Below we share 5 essential tips for selling a house on a busy street. Read the entire blog. At the end we’ll share a bonus tip so you can sell your house regardless of its location, even if the house backs up to a highway, is located on a corner lot, on a busy street or is near train tracks.

  • Price your Lakeland home correctly

Pricing your home correctly is the first step in selling a house on a busy street. Your home’s location is the most important factor that influences the price of your home.


To arrive at a realistic selling price, compare your house to other homes similar in size, style, age and most importantly, location. With the help of a real estate agent, you can find your asking price for similar homes that are currently on the market and the sales price for homes that have sold within the past 6 months.    

If you can only find comparable homes within a subdivision or quiet neighborhood, you must discount the price of your home. Buyers will expect a discounted price for a house located on a busy street. 

Read here for additional tips on pricing your Lakeland, Florida home to sell at the highest price. 

  1. Create a beautiful curb appeal

One sure way to reduce the negative effect of noise and traffic is to create a WOW effect with a beautiful front entrance. A fresh coat of paint on the front door, application of an asphalt driveway sealer and repairs to your walkways will do wonders to make your house more inviting.

These improvements, along with a well-manicured lawn, colorful flowers and beautiful shrubbery will shift your buyers’ focus away from the busy street to your home’s curb appeal. With a welcoming entrance, you’ll entice your buyers to want to see more of your house.   

Helpful Advice: If you have several cars, do not park them all in the driveway. Make sure you leave plenty of room for the buyers and their agents so they don’t have a difficult time finding a parking space.

  1. Create a sound and visual barrier with fencing and landscaping

One of the best ways to make your Lakeland house more sellable is to invest in landscaping and fencing. With strategically placed shrubs and bushes, you’ll be able to create an esthetic visual barrier and reduce traffic noise. 

Adding a tall fence or building a stone wall will greatly reduce the impact of a busy street. In addition, buyers with small children or pets will appreciate having a barrier between their home and dangerous traffic.  

With noisy traffic, it stands to reason that your buyers won’t be spending much time on their front yard. So make sure to spruce up your rear yard. With green shrubbery, yard furniture and flower beads, you can turn your backyard into a relaxing space and a welcome break from the stress of a daily commute and busy traffic.   

  1. Make the inside quieter

 Make sure that your windows are properly sealed with caulk and weather stripping. If this does not measurably reduce the outside noise, install some thick drapes or replace some of your front windows with triple pane windows. 

 If the noise is extreme, you can install sound proof windows. They can normally reduce exterior noise by 75%. In most cases, that will definitely make the interior of your home quieter.

  1. Focus on the positive

Remember that everything is relative. Your busy street may be a quiet break for somebody that’s moving from a big city. 

Never apologize to the buyers for the traffic or noise. Instead, focus on the benefits of being located on a busy street. You may want to play up the advantage of a faster commute and quick access to major roadways.

If you’re on a main street in town, talk about the convenience of being within walking distance to shops, banks, places of worship and other attractions. After all it is nice to be able to step out of your house and walk to your favorite coffee shop, pop into a bakery or local market.

I have already followed all the tips for selling a house on a busy street and still can’t find a buyer.

If despite all your efforts you’re finding it difficult to sell your Lakeland house, consider selling your house to a Real Estate Investor. Real Estate Investors will buy your home regardless of its location or condition.

Moreover, they do not rely on bank financing so you’ll avoid the headaches of bank appraisals and mortgage approvals. And if you need to sell your house quickly, they’re the ideal buyer. Most cash buyers can close on your house in as fast. 

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We’ll help you eliminate the need to hire an agent, pay a hefty real estate commission, and put up with the uncertainty of finding a buyer. Count on us to understand your needs, provide solutions to your problems and deliver exceptional service. 

Check out the Infographic below for a quick recap of the 5 Essential Tips Selling a House on a Busy Street.

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