Even after finding a prospective buyer, negotiating, and reaching an agreement, your buyer could legitimately back out of the purchase contract and leave you high and dry. 

So that you are aware of some of the possible pitfalls you may have to deal with, below we’ll point out the 6 most common reasons real estate deals fall through. Keep in mind that in the cases discussed below, the buyers can legally back out of a purchase contract with the earnest deposit in hand.

At the end of this blog, we’ll present you with a practical method to sell your house that eliminates all of these possible drawbacks and guarantees you a fast and easy sale. 

  1. Buyers find latent defects during the home inspection period

The buyer may back out of a purchase contract during the home inspection period or ask to renegotiate the sales price if a home inspection reveals latent defects that were not disclosed by you or problems that are more costly to repair than initially estimated. 

  1. The home does not appraise for the sales price

Unless your buyer is paying cash for your house, they will have to apply for a mortgage. Since the house serves as collateral for the bank, the buyer will be required to pay for an appraisal to verify that the money being lent by the bank is adequately protected. 

If the house appraises less than the sales price, your buyer will not be able to get a mortgage. Your buyer can either back out of the contractor or ask you to lower the sale price, so it is equal to the appraised value. 

  1. Buyer cannot get financing

Not every buyer gets approved for a mortgage. Sometimes overly optimistic mortgage reps will try to get a mortgage approval even if they know the chances for the buyer to qualify for a mortgage are slim. 

In other cases, circumstances can shift that disqualifies an otherwise perfectly qualified buyer. Losing a job, taking on additional debt, or being laid off can disqualify a buyer from getting mortgage approval.   

  1. The existing house does not sell on time

In a traditional sale with a real estate agent, your buyer will most likely need to sell their home in order to have the funds to buy your house. As you can see from reading this blog, even if a buyer has every intention of purchasing your home, the sale of their house could fall through for many reasons that are no fault of their own. 

  1. Title Issues

Title problems are not very common, but from time to time they can show up and kill a deal right on its tracks. As part of the mortgage approval, banks require that there be a title search to rule out any liens or inconsistencies in ownership.

Your buyer may not want to wait if a complex title issue arises.

  1. Surprises in the final walk-through

Prior to closing, the buyer is given an opportunity to examine the house without the seller’s belongings to make sure that the house is in the same condition as was seen originally. It also gives the buyer the chance to verify that any items that were specifically included in the sale are present and agreed upon repairs are completed. 

During the final walk-through, the buyer may discover repairs that have not been completed or new major repair problems may arise. At that point, the buyer can ask for a creditor or may choose to back out of the purchase.

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