Selling a home with furniture and appliances can make a lot of sense, particularly if you’re downsizing or have odd sized furniture that may not fit in your new residence. 

By including personal property in the sale, you’ll reduce your moving costs and the hassles of unpacking. This can save you a bundle of money, especially if you’re moving from one part of the country to another. 

If you’re selling your Lakeland house because of a death or divorce, it’s understandable that you may want a fresh start. It’s convenient to avoid the trouble of moving your furniture and appliances to a new residence.

Marketing a house for sale with furniture included can also make sense if you have inherited a property you do not want to keep, or it’s owned by an aging relative who no longer needs the items. 

Don’t expect much help from your real estate agent

Realtors frown on the idea of selling a house full of furniture and personal items. Agents don’t earn any extra money for the inconvenience of negotiating the price of a 15-year-old couch, an old style television set, or a used lawn mower. Moreover, many realtors fear that an amicable relationship between the seller and buyer could sour over some trivial personal item and kill a perfectly good sale. Other reasons agent give for not including your personal items are:

  1. As a seller, you may fall into the trap of overvaluing your personal property. Only you can appreciate the effort it took to find the perfect piece of furniture or the years of satisfaction you’ve received from a well bought appliance. Nonetheless, a buyer will view everything as used goods and will price it pennies on the dollar. 


  1. It complicates the sale because you not only have to negotiate the sales price of your house, but all the personal items you are including in the sale as well. It’s mighty difficult to come to an agreement on the sales price of a house. It’s much more difficult to agree on the price of used furniture and appliances. 

2. You’ll have to include an addendum to the contract with a detailed list of all the items you will include in the sale. Depending on the size of your house that could add up to a lot of items.

3.It opens up the possibility for disagreements as to what the buyer wants you to include in the sale and what you are willing to leave behind.


You’ll still have a legal responsibility to clean your Lakeland house

Most real estate contracts include a clause that specifically stipulates that you are responsible to deliver the home in a “broom swept” condition. So, even if you have agreed on including personal items you’ll still have to remove those items that are excluded from the sale. You’ll also have to make arrangements to clean and clear out your basement, attic, crawl space shed, garage and yard.

Keep in mind that you must conscientiously clean your house to avoid problems with your buyers. Issues with respect to the condition of the home usually arise during the final walk through. 

Delivering a house in a “broom swept” condition may not be an issue for most sellers. However, this can be a daunting task if you are currently ill or if a sick or elderly relative lives with you. It’s equally difficult to deliver your house in acceptable condition if it’s a home you’ve inherited out of state. 

So what’s the best way to sell a house with furniture?

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