You may have taken all the right steps to sell your Lakeland, Florida home. You’ve maintained your home in great condition. Gone out of the way to create a great first impression by cleaning, decluttering and staging your home. Even with all this preparation, it can be an enormous struggle to sell a house with bad neighbors.  

Neighborliness has been on a decline for decades. Today, a third of Americans say they’ve never interacted with the people next door. This has led to a sense of mistrust and lack of cordiality among neighbors.  

According to research commissioned by over a third of those polled (36%) have had issues that escalated into full-blown arguments and 16% had moved from their home in part because of a neighbor.

A problem neighbor is an unfortunate reality for many. Issues with neighbors can increase your stress level, induce fear and lead to depression. Worst of all, a troublesome neighbor can negatively affect the value of your home, reducing its marketability and desirability. After all, no one wants to live with a neighbor from hell. 

Problem neighbors can cause all kinds of headaches. There is the messy neighbor who doesn’t mow their lawn and uses their yard as a storage facility for their possession (junk), creating a community eyesore. You have the nosey neighbor who gossips about your comings and goings and always peers into your home. 

There is the absent neighbor, whose vacant house causes you worry, from the threat of increased crime to the possibility of a dangerous fire. We cannot forget to mention the noisy neighbor who throws late night parties or fires up the leaf blower at six in the morning and the antisocial neighbor who is unfriendly and belligerent.

Whatever neighbor you’re stuck with, before you put your home up for sale, try to resolve any dispute. It will make showing your house less stressful and ultimately it will protect the value of your home.

Below we’ll share some tips that could help you reach a resolution with your neighbor and prevent you from having to resort to the drastic measure of discounting the price of your home to get it sold.

Tip #1 – Talk it out

Remember, it is much easier to sell your Lakeland house without an ongoing dispute. The first step to end the conflict with your neighbor is to talk to your neighbor in a polite manner. Be clear about what is bothering you and how the issue can be resolved. Your approach should be firm but not confrontational. Be open and patient and maintain a willingness to overlook some of your neighbor’s offenses to get him to change his behavior. 

Tip #2 – Contact your Homeowners Association (HOA) 

As a member of a homeowners’ association, you are subject to the rules of a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Almost all CC&Rs include a section which addresses common nuisance issues. If your neighbor is creating a nuisance, your HOA may intervene and assert pressure on your neighbor to change his behavior.  

They can also act as a mediator to resolve the offending problem and use their power to fine the culpable homeowner or sue to force compliance through injunctive relief.

Tip #3 – Contact the local city government 

If you have already spoken to your neighbor and contacted the HOA but could not get your neighbor to change his behavior, get in touch with your local city government. Your neighbor could be violating municipal codes. Your local departments can force your neighbor to correct municipal violations with the threat of a fine or court action. 

Here is a list of some common nuisances and the corresponding municipal departments where you can file a complaint:

Noise Issues                                             Police Department

Sight Issues such as overgrown          Health Department trees or shrubs, unmowed grass,  inadequate storage and disposal  of garbage, poor housing hygiene and general disrepair

Barking dog or dangerous                     Animal Control Dept.and vicious dogs 

Vacant or abandoned property            Building Department

Odor Issues such as smoke or             Environmental Serv. Dept.foul odor     

Tip #4 – Take legal action

 If you have followed our previous tips and the conflict with your neighbor persists, you may have to take legal action. Contact an attorney and ask him to send your neighbor a letter threatening to take legal action.

If this does not stop your problem neighbor. You will have to sue your neighbor. Upon a favorable verdict, a judge could issue a court order that directs your neighbor to stop their offending actions.

Tip #5 – Disclosure is required by law 

In order to sell a Lakeland house with bad neighbors you must disclose all unresolved disputes you may currently have as well as problems that you may have had in the past. You are required to disclose material facts that can affect the purchaser’s willingness to buy or the price they are willing to pay. 

If you fail to disclose your buyer could take legal action against you. They could seek monetary damages to rectify the situation or get reimbursed for any loss of value to the property.  

Sell Your Lakeland, Florida House To Lakeland Home Buyers And Forget About Your Problem Neighbors

If you have made all attempts to resolve a dispute with a neighbor without any success and are finding it difficult to sell your home, call a local real estate investor such as Lakeland Home Buyers. We don’t care if your neighbor is nosey, noisy, messy or just plain crazy. You don’t have to worry about a thing. 

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What’s more, we’ll buy your house as-is no matter its condition. Even if it is fire damaged, water damaged has open code violations or has termite, foundation or roofing problems. 

On top of that by selling to us you’ll eliminate the need to hire an agent, pay a hefty real estate commission and put up with the uncertainty of finding a buyer. There are no fees for our service. You will not be charged a penny. Guaranteed.

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Look at the How to Successfully Sell a House with Bad Neighbors infographic below for a quick recap. 

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