It’s difficult to sell a Lakeland home the traditional way. We are going to share with you the 5 most frustrating aspects of selling your Florida home with an agent versus selling your house to a cash home buyer.

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Long Listing Contract

First, your real estate agent will try to convince you to sign a minimum 6-month listing agreement. Often your agent will argue for a long listing contract so that he can get compensated for his sales efforts and marketing costs.

PROBLEM: Real estate agents can only promise they will try to sell your Lakeland home. There are no guarantees. You could have your home on the market with no offers for a long time and will be stuck with your agent until the listing contract expires.  

THE ADVANTAGE OF SELLING TO A CASH HOME BUYER: You avoid the risk of tying up your home with a long listing contract. An acquisition specialist will inspect your home and immediately tell you if he wants to purchase your house. Often, you will have a cash offer on your home on your very first appointment.

Real Estate Company For Sale Sign 

Although a real estate for sale sign is not the most effective marketing tool that an agent has to sell your home, your agent will most likely insist that you allow them to place a for sale sign on your property. A for sale sign will often benefit your agent more than you. Agents use for sale signs as a key tool to market themselves and their real estate company.

PROBLEM: If you are selling your Lakeland home because of financial difficulties or because you are going through a divorce, you may prefer a private sale. 

THE ADVANTAGE OF SELLING To A CASH HOME BUYER: They can guarantee a nonintrusive private sale without the need to install a for sale sign.

Multiple Listing System (MLS)

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a database of historic and current real estate listings in a local area. This database is created, maintained by members of the National Association of Realtors.

Real estate agents rely on the Multiple Listing System as an effective tool to sell your home and they will most surely insist that you list your home in the MLS. Your agent will also recommend placing a lockbox on your house with a copy of your home’s keys so that other agents can preview or show your house to prospective buyers. 

PROBLEM: If you need to sell your Lakeland home because of a health-related issue, the last thing you want is for agents to stomp through the house with unqualified or unmotivated buyers.

THE ADVANTAGE OF SELLING TO A CASH HOME BUYER: Usually they will only need to look at your home once before making an offer. It is that simple. You will avoid the inconvenience of canceled or unannounced showings and the trouble of opening your house to buyers that are “just looking”.

Public/Realtor Open House and Office Caravan

Besides a public open house, your agent may ask you to open your home to other agents from their company to see and walk through your home. Your agent may also hold a Realtor Open House where agents from other companies can preview your home.

PROBLEM: Your Lakeland home may have fallen into disrepair and you may feel embarrassed having agents and the general public stomping through your house.

THE ADVANTAGE OF SELLING TO A CASH HOME BUYER: Acquisition specialists have seen it all, even the homes in poorest condition will not surprise them. In fact, most companies that buy houses prefer homes that need repairs because they can add value to the home by fixing it.

By selling your house to an investor, you will only need to show the home to one person. You won’t have to worry about being judged by a parade of agents and buyers.

Clean, Repair and Stage Your Lakeland Home 

Most real estate agents will expect you to clean, declutter, repair and stage your home. Without this effort, your listing agent may feel that it is not worth their time and advertising budget to market your home. 

Problem: You may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. You may want to repair your home but may be unable because of a financial or health issue.

THE ADVANTAGE OF SELLING TO A CASH HOME BUYER: Companies that buy houses specialize in purchasing homes for cash in an “as is” condition. You won’t need to make any repairs nor clean and clear out your home.



Sell your Lakeland, Florida house to a local real estate investor that buys houses, such as Lakeland Home Buyers .

Avoid the hassles of:

  • Long listing contract 
  • Expensive commission
  • Real estate company for sale sign
  • Multiple listing system (MLS)
  • Public/realtor open house and office caravan
  • Endless house showings 
  • Cleaning, repairing and staging your home
  • Fear your buyer will be rejected for a mortgage or will back out of 

             the purchase


We will pay cash for your home “as is” and even pay for your closing costs. We’ll guide you through the entire sales process, to make your sale as smooth and worry-free as possible. There are no fees or commissions for our service. We will not charge you a penny, guaranteed. 


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For a quick recap of what you’ve just read, look at the Selling to a Cash Home Buyers vs Selling with an Agent Lakeland,Florida infographic below.